Deutsch - Amerikanischer Freundeskreis
Paderborn - Belleville e.V.
   (Illinois, USA)


The History of the German -American Friendship Society Paderborn-Belleville

The History of the German -American Friendship Society Paderborn-Belleville and the relationship between the two Cities 1987 -2009

Compiled by Dr Otmar Allendorf (Paderborn), translated by Doris Roach (Belleville)

The History of the German -American Friendship Society Paderborn-Belleville
and the relationship between the two Cities

Listings of all visits to and from Paderborn since 1989 (thru 2009)
many private visits have taken place, but these are official ones:

Annual recurring events are:
Dogwood Fest ( with visitors and sightseeing from surrounding communities,
and Thanksgiving, always celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November.
Every Wednesday the "Stammtisch" is held at the "Weinkrueger".

Oct 27 1987
Ellen Rost tries to revive the historical connections to the former immigration areas of the USA, especially to Belleville and surrounding areas, such as Paderborn/Illinois and St. Libory/ Illinois

Nov 2, 1987
Founding of the “Initiative Paderborn-Belleville”. Friedel Schuette (Loehne) was a kind of “godfather”.

Aug 28, 1988
Theodor und Helga Tebbe from Delbrueck (near Paderborn) congratulating St Libory on their 150th anniversary on behalf of Ellen Rost and the “Initiative between Paderborn and Belleville”. Also there were Johannes Buschmeier of Hoevelhof and Peter Elsner of Paderborn/ Germany

Sept 12 - Sept 13, 1988
Belleville Mayor Rich Brauer and wife Dottie, Bob and Ruth Fritz along with a small delegation visited Paderborn.

Sept 23, 1988
Founding of the German American Friendship Society:
“Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Paderborn-Belleville e.V.” (DAFK)
between Paderborn/ Germany and Belleville/ Illinois

elected were the following:
President:      Ellen Rost
Management: Dr Otmar Allendorf

Additional founding members were:
Heinz Boraucke, Evelyn Fricke, Christa Bell, Peter Paul Klotz, Karl- Ernst Neumann and Maria Thomalla.

Dec 5, 1988
Mayor Willi Lueke welcomes Marie Reichling and Ruth Clarke in Paderborn

Aug 1989
Paderborn Archbishop Dr Johannes Joachim Degenhardt and General Vicar Bruno Kresing visited St.Libory. In Belleville they met with Bishop Keleher, Mayor Rich Brauer and wife Dottie and other Bellville residents. Barbara Wessel of Paderborn, Germany, was also present.

May 4 - May 9 1989
A delegation of 37 people from Paderborn visited Belleville,
St.Libory and Paderborn, IL
Organized between DAFK (German-American Friendship Society)
and Volkshochschule of Paderborn
Delegation leader: Ellen Rost
After leaving Belleville, the group continued their trip to Chicago, Niagara Falls and Toronto/Canada
Tour Guide: Dr Otmar Allendorf

May 18 - May 19, 1989
CDU ( Christian Democratic Union) group of 42 people, visited Belleville
Leader: Paul Schmandt

May 5, 1990
Bernd Broer was elected as Vice President

July 1990
A group of 15 youths from Belleville visited Paderborn for a four week stay with host families and summer camp
Chaperones: Karen Szydek - Stephanie Callan

August 31 - Sept 5 , 1990
A group of 51 from Belleville and surrounding areas went to Paderborn
Delegation leader: Dottie Brauer

Sept 2, 1990
Official signing of the Friendship certificate at City Hall in Paderborn with Mayor Richard Brauer/ Belleville and Mayor Wilhelm Lueke/ Paderborn.
The City Partnership is part of the worldwide American Program- "Sister Cities International" that was called to life by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

July 29, 1991
DAFK welcomes Bishop Keleher, Belleville, at the "Kurhaus' Bad Lippspringe

July 29 - August 14, 1991
A group of 15 students from Paderborn were guests here in Belleville.
Delegation leader: Ludwig Koch ( youth welfare office of Paderborn)

Oct 20, 1991
Mayor Lueke and Mayor Brauer signed the Friendship Certificates at the chamber room at City Hall/ Belleville
During the ceremony a "Festive Obligation of the Sister Cities to encourage and promote the friendship among the two cities", signed by Ellen Rost and Dottie Brauer.
Ellen Rost was made Honorary Citizen of the City of Belleville.

Oct 19 - Oct 21, 1991
A group of 46 from Paderborn/ Germany and surrounding areas visited Belleville
Delegation Leader: Ellen Rost
Continued their tour to Washington D.C. and New York until Oct 27
Tour Guide: Dr Otmar Allendorf

July 1, 1992
Belleville Sister Cities Inc was founded and Dottie Brauer made President

July 28 - August 8, 1992
A group of 9 students from Belleville went to Germany. They were chaperoned by City of Paderborn, Youth Welfare employees.

August 8 - Sept 3, 1992
Mayor Richard Brauer and wife Dottie along with a group of 10 visited Paderborn.

Oct 17 - Oct 18, 1992
Buker Husars, a 54 piece Brass Band from Paderborn and surrounding areas gave 3 concerts in Belleville.
Leader: Toni Wiethaup

July 30 - August 12, 1993
15 Students from Paderborn visited Belleville
Delegation leader: Ludwig Koch

Sept 16 - Sept 22, 1993
A delegation of 30, led by Ellen Rost visited Belleville.
Continued to California and Las Vegas until Oct 2, 1993
Tour Guide: Dr Otmar Allendorf

June 20 - June 28, 1994
A delegation of 4, led by Pres Dottie Brauer visited Paderborn. Main attraction was the Garden Show of the Province of North-Rhine Westphalia.

July 15 - August 8, 1994
Vic Klein escorted a group of 4 students to Paderborn. They also visited the
Garden Show.

Sept 22 1994
BSC Vice-President Rich Berkel, Sally Berkel, Curt and Barbara Lindauer visited
Paderborn, reception by Deputy Mayor Elsbeth Menneken, visit of the Garden Show
and “Belleville Garden.of Partnership”

Sept 23, 1994
Bernd Broer elected to President of DAFK, and Ellen Rost "Honorary President", Maria Thomalla was elected to Vice-President.

Dec 8, 1994
Mayor Lueke's invitation to City Hall to introduce the book "Auf nach Amerika"
Pertaining to the history of Immigrants form the Paderborn area,
Volume 1 , published by DAFK, together with City Archives Paderborn through
Ellen Rost, Otmar Allendorf, Rolf- Dietrich Mueller and the Bonifatius Publisher.

Sept 28 - Oct 19, 1994
A group of 23 students and 2 teachers from the Westphalian College/ Paderborn visited Belleville. A tour to the College (SWIC) was part of the tour.
Leader: Andreas Poehler

May 5, 1995
For the 50th anniversary of the end of WW two, the Northwest German Chamber-Soloists from Herford / Germany, gave a concert here in Belleville "Concerto Capricioso"
The trip was organized and led by Friedel Schuette from Loehne. He had received monetary gifts in the amount of 12,000 German Marks for his 60th Birthday (Oct 13, 1993) to help with the cost of this trip. Performances were also Quincy, Columbus, and Indianapolis. On May 5, there was a concert at the German Ambassy in D.C., to which Rich and Dottie Brauer were invited to.

July 12, 1995
Official presentation of the Peacock Chair out of the St. Liborius church in St. Louis to the Mayor to be placed in City Hall /Paderborn. Hon. President Ellen Rost financed the purchase as well as restauration of the chair.

July 21 - July 25, 1995
A group of 39 from Belleville, St. Libory and Paderborn/ IL visited Paderborn/ Germany and Berlin. A member of the group, Wally Braucks, St. Louis, visited the spot near Paderborn where his plane came down in 1944 during WW 2.
Lead by Norma Bergkoetter

Aug 1 - Aug 14, 1995
15 youths from Paderborn visited Belleville.
Delegation leader: Ludwig Koch and Birgit Esser

March 29 - April 2, 1996
A delegation of 43 from Paderborn came to Belleville.
Dottie Brauer was made Honorary Member of the DAFK Society
Delegation Leader: Bernd Broer/ President of DAFK
Tour started on March 26 - March 29 in Chicago
After leaving Belleville on April 2, they went to New Orleans, Natchez, Ms, and toured Louisiana.
Tour guide: Dr Otmar Allendorf

July 9 - July 30, 1996
4 students from Belleville went to Paderborn

Oct 6, 1996
At the Taste of Germany Dinner, President Rich Berkel, who was the initiator of the award, presented the first award called " Hermann Award " which was to honor businesses and members who had excelled at helping BSC to achieve their goals and to strengthen sister city relationships. Looking back to 1996 from 2009, each year a business and/or person has been honored with this award.

Dance group " Aranaida " from the Music school Paderborn under the direction of Margit Keikutt entertained at the "Taste of Germany" dinner.

April 4, 1997
Mark Kern was elected Mayor of Belleville, replacing Roger Cook. Mark Kern followed his Great-Grandfather Fred Kern's footsteps, who was Mayor of Belleville from 1903- 1913

April 1 - April 8, 1997
St Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville sent 5 nurses to the St Vincenz Hospital in Paderborn
Leader: Sister Ritamary Brown

July 8 - July 21, 1997
Youth Exchange: 14 students from Paderborn escorted by Ludwig Koch and Oliver Boraucke visited Belleville.

July 14 - July 18, 1997
The Springfield International Folkdancers ( 21 people) were guests at the City Music School in Paderborn and the DAFK.

Sept 18 - Sept 22, 1997
A delegation of 26 from Belleville went to Paderborn.
Leader: Pres. Rich Berkel

Sept 21, 1997
Dr Otmar Allendorf was presented the " Hermann Award” by Pres. Rich Berkel in honor of his work and dedication to the Sister City organization.

Oct 12, 1997
The Paderborn Magellan Shanty Choir entertained at the "Taste of Germany" dinner.
Leader: Rudolf Schicht

Oct 23, 1998
Bernd Broer was re-elected as President of DAFK

July 16 - Aug 5, 1998
A group of 14 youths went to Paderborn/Germany accompanied by 2 chaperones.

July 26 - July 28, 1998
16 adults and 2 children from Belleville visited Paderborn's Libori Fest and the celebration of the 10th anniversary between our Sister Cities. The event took place at "Schloss Neuhaus". Mayor Mark Kern with his wife and their 2 children, Pres. of Sister Cities, Ruth Fritz , former Pres. Dottie Brauer, and the former Mayor Rich Brauer and Honorary Consul from St. Louis Anna Mayer Beck were among the delegation.

July 27, 1998
A festive reception was held at Schloss Neuhaus in honor of the 10th anniversary of the DAFK Paderborn-Belleville with presentation of the honorary membership to Archbishop Degenhardt. Secretary of State (Germany) Kinkel sends his congratulations. Mayor Mark Kern and BSC Pres Ruth Fritz were present.

July 27, 1998
"Homage Volume" of the 10th anniversary Paderborn-Belleville is presented.

July 26, 1998
US Ambassador John C. Kornblum, who was the speaker at the “Libori Mahl” in Paderborn, honors Mayor Lueke at a noon reception, organized by DAFK, at Schloss Neuhaus, as well as Hon Pres Ellen Rost as the "Motor of the Friendship with Belleville and the USA”. Friedhelm Ost, Mayor Mark Kern, Belleville and Bernd Broer honor the merits of Ellen Rost as well.

Sept 9 - Sept 29, 1998
The Phoenix Girls Chorus visits Paderborn Music School ( Keikutt Dance group)
On July 25, DAFK helped organize a concert at the "Kaiserpfalz" with 23 youths and 6 chaperones.

Oct 3 - Oct 7, 1998
A delegation from Paderborn came to Belleville. During their stay a trip to Branson , Mo., was one of their highlights. Then continued to the New England States.
Leader: Bernd Broer
Tour Guide: Dr Otmar Allendorf

Oct. 6, 2000
At City Hall, Rich Berkel, past president of BSC, presented a copy of the translated book, " Auf nach Amerika " to Mayor Kern. Rich was the manager of the translation project.

A festive celebration in Belleville was held that evening in honor of the 10th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Belleville and Paderborn. Bernd Broer, President of DAFK, presented a statue of Hermann (Kleiner Hermann) to Gary Hopfinger, President of BSC. Rich Berkel presented a copy of the translated book to DAFK President Broer.

End of Oct 1998
A group from the St. Vincenz Hospital in Paderborn visited Belleville.
Leader: Markus Kamin

July 30 - Aug 3, 1999
Partnership meeting during the anniversary year 1999. From Belleville: Pres. Ruth Fritz, Rich and Sally Berkel , Ken and Roseann Renneker.

June 30 - July 13, 1999
Youth group of 14 escorted by Ludwig Koch and Oliver Boraucke visited Belleville

July 20, 1999
In the historical City Hall of Paderborn the presentation of Volume II "Auf nach Amerika" Bonifatius Publishing Co, 499 pages, took place. In collaboration with the city archives and the DAFK edited by Dr Allendorf, Bernd Broer and Rolf-Dietrich Mueller.

Oct 10 - Oct 13, 1999
Dance Group " Aranaida" under the direction of Margit Keikutt entertained at the "Taste of Germany" dinner.There were 30 members. They continued their tour to Phoenix, Az

July 20 - Aug 10, 2000
A group of 15 youth accompanied by Christy Klein and Theresa Fritz went to Germany

July 29 and Aug 8, 2000
Two groups from the CDU Party in Paderborn visited Belleville and surrounding areas.
First group:     42 people
Second group: 37 people

April 2000
DAFK has its own website, Hartmut Steege as webmaster

Aug 29, 2000
Honorary President Ellen Rost passed away at the age of 87. DAFK honored her thru obituaries in the newspapers: Westfaelisches Volksblatt and Neue Westfaelische.

Sept 22, 2000
Re-election of Bernd Broer as President, also Dr Allendorf and Maria Thomalla for the past offices.
Board members: Evelyn Fricke, Karl-ernst Neumann, Josef Voecking
Willi Boekamp as the "Stammtisch" President.
New board members are: Brunhilde Konersmann, Wolfgang Stueken, Brunhilde Siewert, Heiner Sprenkamp and Marlene Wiessing.

Oct 5 - Oct 9, 2000
DAFK Delegation visited Belleville. Among were President Bernd and Barbara Broer, Mr Willi (former Mayor of Paderborn) and Mrs Lueke, Dr Otmar and Helga Allendorf, Wolfgang Stueken and Willi Boekamp

Oct 6, 2000
A festive celebration in Belleville was held in honor of the 10th anniversary of sister city relationship between Belleville and Paderborn..

April 6 - April 12, 2001
4 young violinists from Belleville took part in a concert in honor of all Sister Cities in Paderborn. John Brighton, Jordan Harp, Christine Hummert and Rachel Schofield. They were accompanied by family members.

May 5, 2001
Cardinal Prof. Dr Avery Dulles SJ, New York, brother of the former Secretary of State, talked in Paderborn at the Faculty of Theology. DAFK was invited.

July 10 - July 31, 2001
14 youths came from Paderborn to Belleville
Escorted by Ludwig Koch and Oliver Boraucke
Stay in Belleville until July 26.

Sept 26 - Sept 30, 2001
Delegation of 15 from Belleville visited Paderborn, led by Pres. Elect Karl Mandl and his wife Anna, Rich and Dottie Brauer and others.
At City Hall a condolence book was signed in memory of the 9-11-2001 attack.

After Sep 11, 2001
Mayor Heinz Paus of Paderborn sends his sympathy on behalf of the people of Paderborn to Mayor Mark Kern for the terror attacks on New York and Washington D.C.
A memorial service was held at the Cathedral of Paderborn. DAFK expresses their sympathy as well.

July 18 - Aug 8, 2002
Youth group from Belleville to Paderborn, escorted by Christy Klein and Theresa

Aug 8 - Aug 12, 2002
Mayor Heinz Paus visited Belleville, where he met Bishop Gregory.

Oct 2002
Special "Happy Hour" at the "Weinkrueger" in Paderborn in honor of John and Doris Roach and Carrol Moore.

Oct 31, 2002
Mayor Heinz Paus welcomes Pres. Karl Mandl and wife Anna at City Hall

Feb 2, 2003
An award for two Doctorates of American Studies thru DAFK: Recipients are
Dr. Katrin Fischer, Dr. Christian Berkemeier. Prof Dr.Dr. h.c. Peter Freese,
Prof. Dr.Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Weber, President of University, were present at the ceremony.

May 7, 2003
Member of the DAFK, Dr. Heinz Marxkors, Bielefeld-Sennestadt, gives a lecture on the results of his wide researches done for the "Emigration to the USA in the 19th century especially of the Paderborn and Bueren area” . See also : website :

Aug 5 - Aug 17, 2003
Youth group of 13 visits Belleville, escorted by Oliver Boraucke and Ludwig Koch

Sept 18, 2003
Rich Berkel and wife Sally congratulate DAFK for the 15th anniversary at the "Happy Hour" in Paderborn.
A watch was also given with an inscription. Rich Brauer presents greetings from Mayor Mark Kern to Mayor Paus.

Sept 26, 2003
As DAFK celebrates its 15th anniversary, Dr Allendorf ( management since DAFK founding) presents slides from the past years under the motto " German American Friendship between Paderborn/ Westphalia and the Plattdeutsche Prairie of Illinois and Belleville”.

Oct 30, 2003
Chuck Oelrich , one of the founders of Belleville Sister Cities, was greeted by Mayor Paus at City Hall

Nov 27, 2003
During the "Thanksgiving Dinner" at Fischteiche Restaurant in Paderborn, Friedel Schuette, Loehne ( born 1933) is made Honoray Member of the DAFK.
Reason: He is the Godfather and promoter of the cities friendship between Paderborn and Belleville. He also is the coordinator of the website

Jan 1, 2004
Mayor Paus welcomes Pres. Doris Roach and husband John at City Hall, followed by a "New Year’s" celebration.

Feb 10, 2004
Details on the publishing of the book "Auf nach Amerika" Volume III, were discussed among Bernd Broer, Dr Allendorf, Dr. Marxkors and Wolfgang Stueken. A previous discussion had taken place with Michael Ernst of the Bonifatius Publishin Co on Dec 3, 2003.

May 13 - May 17, 2004
Paderborn artist Petra Hartmann took part at the "Art on the Square" exhibition. She was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Elsbeth Menneken.

May 28 - May 31, 2004
Delegation from Paderborn visited Belleville.
Among were Bernd (Pres.) and Barbara Broer
County Board Chairman Dr. Rudolf and Dagmar Wansleben, Dr Otmar and Helga Allendorf, Wolfgang and Renate Stueken, Joerg Erdmann, Bernhard Kilb ( from Kronberg/ Taunus. Did research on ancestors Brosius.)
During their stay, Mayor Kern proclaimed May 28 "Wolfgang Stueken and Roland Paul Day”, for all their help with the research of the famous Belleville-emigrant Gustav Koerner of Germany. A Koerner Memorial will be erected.
website ( Roland Paul comes from the Rheinland Pfalz area, and has great contacts to Belleville)

Former Mayor and founder of Sister Cities, Rich Brauer of Belleville , passes away at the age of 76. DAFK members , presently in Belleville, attended the funeral on May 29.
Former Mayor Willi Lueke from Paderborn attended the funeral as a representative of the City of Paderborn . His stay here was 3 days.

June 19 - July 6, 2004
Rob Thornberry, artist from Belleville, put his works on display at an exhibition at
Schloss Neuhaus.

July 21 - Aug 11, 2004
14 youths escorted by Christy Klein and Roseann Renneker went to Paderborn

July 27, 2004
Vera Kohlmeier, Waterloo, Illinois passes away at the age of 77.
As representative of Sister Cities, she was very influental of the joining of partnership between Belleville and Paderborn.

Oct 1, 2004
At the annual general meeting in Paderborn, Erich Loewe was elected Treasurer. Upon Manfred Roesenkoetter's resignation as Treasurer ( since 1994) Loewe had been temporarily appointed.

Oct 18, 2004
Visitors from Belleville in Paderborn: John Shively, Bob Heckenberger, Robert DeLaria and Karl and Anna Mandl.

Dec 2004,
Mark A. Kern, Mayor of Belleville took over the position as St Clair County Board Chairman on November 2004 elections.. Appointed was Mark Eckert as Mayor and in April 2005 he won the election as the new Mayor of Belleville.

March 10, 2005
DAFK takes on a new postal address : Postfach 1414, 33044 Paderborn

May 20, 2005
Rotary group exchange from Belleville and surrounding areas visited Paderborn.
Renate Schoenebeck, Julie Ellis, Michael Siegel and Daniel Ruark.

Summer of 2005
The Liehr family from Paderborn visits Belleville while touring the US. Welcomed by Mayor Mark Eckert at City Hall.

July 8 - July 22, 2005
14 youths from Paderborn came to Belleville, escorted by Norman Hansmeyer
and Eva Reike

July 20, 2005
A day visit from the "Kolping Saenger Chor" ( Kolping choir) of Cinncinnati, Ohio 42 people) invited by the Buker Husars were chaperoned by Dr Allendorf.

July 22- July 26
A delegation of 7, led by Pres. Doris Roach , along with John Roach, Rich and Sally Berkel, Nancy Macklin, Jim and Adrienne Villotti was welcomed in Paderborn, where they participated at the Libori Fest.
On July 25 there was a reception at City Hall with Mayor Paus

Aug 13 - Nov 11, 2005
4 students from Paderborn High Schools, organized thru DAFK, visited Belleville and Mascoutah High Schools for 90 days. Robert Berens, Maren Fastrich, Gesa Hage, Felix Jonas. Chaperone from Paderborn: Joerg Erdmann,
Belleville: Doris Roach and Linda Driesner

Aug 22, 2005
Happy hour at Weinkrueger/ Paderborn to welcome Ken and Roseann Renneker. They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

Sep 26, 2005
Special Stammtisch to welcome Bob and Ruth Fritz, Belleville and John and Sue Wennemann of St, Libory at the Weinkrueger.

Nov 11, 2005
Hon. member Friedel Schuette introduced his new book "Westfalen in der Neuen Welt" (Westphalians in the New World) to the DAFK, Muenster. 256 pages.

May 19 - May 21, 2006
Artist Andreas Kopp represented Paderborn at the 5th "Art on the Square" in Belleville. website
Wolfgang Stueken , who was also visiting, gave a special report of the event on the DAFK homepage.

June 4 - July 19, 2006
Students , who hosted the 90 day students from Padeborn went to Germany. They participated in schools in Paderborn for the first 2 weeks. Lisa Lang, Allison Schaefer and Jon Laux

Beginning of June, 2006
Kathy Ashby of the O'Fallon High School starts the teacher's exchange with the Goerdeler Gymnasium (High School). Teacher: Almut Ulama. Organized by DAFK member Joerg Erdmann

June 16 - June 25, 2006
Andy Brunner, Chad Kutcher and Bill Zorbrist from Belleville visited the German Soccer World Championship. They were hosted by the parents of Robert Berens, who was a 90 day exchange student here in Belleville in 2005.

July 13 - Aug 3, 2006
11 youths from Belleville and surrounding areas visited Paderborn. they were escorted by German teacher at Belleville West, Katie McDowell and husband Ryan, and Jamie Stephens. At the reception Rich and Sally Berkel from Belleville were present.
Reception at City Hall with Mayor Paus on July 21, 2006

Sept 25 - Oct 6, 2006
3 English teachers from Paderborn, Gabriele Lambrechts, Almut Ulama and Nadia Weber were guests in Belleville, organized by the DAFK thru the teacher's exchange.

Sept 28, 2006
Annual meeting of DAFK; election of board members
unanimous re-election; Bernd Broer as President
Maria Thomalla as Vice Pres.
Dr Otmar Allendorf, management
Erich Loewe, Treasurer
Additional members were elected:
Holger Franzbecker ( since 2003, resigns Aug 2008)
Evelyn Fricke
Maria Langhanki
Brunhilde Konersmann
Heiner Sprenkamp
Wolfgang Stueken
Josef Voecking
Willi Boekamp as Pres. for Stammtisch
Oliver Boraucke
Joerg Erdmann (resigns April 2008)
Brunhilde Siewert ( resigns 2006)

June 6, 2007
Special "Happy Hour" at the Weinkrueger in Paderborn to welcome Doris and John Roach and their 2 granddaughters Heidi and Adriana Roach.

May 25 - June 8, 2007
Teachers from O'Fallon HS visited Paderborn.. Pat Hasenstab and Alan Elfrink.
Hosts were Gabriele Lambrechts and Nadia Weber of the Goerdeler Gymnasium (High School)

June 26 - July 7, 2007
Youth exchange from Paderborn coming to Belleville, escorted by Norman Hansmeyer and Martina Franke, continueing to Chicago and Wisconsin

Aug 10-12, 2007
Summertrip of DAFK to Dresden led by Dr Allendorf

Aug 16 - Nov 10, 2007
90 Day exchange among the 2 HS East and West in Belleville
Carolin Sale, Jan Schulze and Nils Sifrin
Responsible in Paderborn: Joerg Erdmann
Belleville Chaperones: Doris Roach, Katie McDowell and Linda Driesner

Sept 17-Sept 20, 2007
Chuck Oelrich with his wife Marie and several family members were welcomed in Paderborn by Mayor Paus. Chuck Oelrich passed away on March 23, 2008

Oct 12 -Oct 20, 2007
Small delegation from Paderborn DAFK visiting Belleville.
Leader Bernd Broer , Pres
County Board Chairman Manfred Mueller was part of the delegation
Continued trip to New York
Tour guide: Dr. Otmar Allendorf

January 2008
The historical Peacock chair originating from St. Liborius church in St.Louis and place into City Hall/ Paderborn on July 7, 1995,, was removed from City Hall /Paderborn due to renovations of the building. But not put back in its place afterwards. Thanks to the efforts of DAFK it now sits proudly back in the foyer of City Hall.

May 16-18, 2008
Art on the Square, in its 7th year. Christine Steuernagel of Padeborn displays her art.

June 8 - July 28, 2008
Abigail Ernst and Kyle Pointer went to Paderborn. They hosted 90 day students in 2007. Luke Eckert joined them from July 25 - Aug 8.

May 21, 2008
"Auf nach Amerika" Volume III, is presented at City Hall/ Paderborn.
Editors for DAFK were Bernd Broer, Otmar Allendorf, Heinz Marxkors, Wolfgang Stueken.
Subtitled: Emigration of the Paderborn region and immigration to the Sister City Belleville, Illinois. 420 pages.
Bonifatius Publishing Co;
60 people were present for the occasion.

July 12 - Aug 1, 2008
14 youths from Belleville went to Paderborn, escorted by Horst Driesner and Fay Buchmiller

July 25 - July 29, 2008
Delegation from Belleville visiting Paderborn for the 20th anniversary of DAFK. Led by Mayor Mark Eckert and Pres. Ron Fritz, along with Rita Eckert and their children, Theresa Fritz, Dottie Brauer, Rich Rose, Rich and Sally Berkel, Bob and Ruth Fritz, Karl and Anna Mandl, Dennis Bielke, Bob and Fran Colter, Steve and Hilda Koluch, Nancy Macklin.
A festive reception was held at City Hall with 200 attending on July 28.
Mayor Eckert and Rich Berkel, as well as Mayor Paus were made
Honorary Members of DAFK

July 28, 2008
A 32 page colored illustrated book ( Homage Volume) dedicated to the 20th anniversary of DAFK and presented to all attendants.
Also a pin with the DAFK logo and the inscription " Friendship since 1988” was given to all.

Aug 15 - Nov 9, 2008
HS 90 day exchange; Daniel Schmidt, Maren Ruerup, Simon Potthast, Lea Mischendahl, Christian Stemberg, Eva Wallaschek
Paderborn: Bernd Broer and Dr Otmar Allendorf
Belleville: Doris Roach

Aug 15, 2008
A summertrip to Hamburg/Germany was arranged by Bernd and Barbara Broer

Sept 19 - Sept 23, 2008
A small delegation of police officers from Paderborn/ Germany visited Belleville.
Manfred and Beate Greitemeyer, Heinrich and Baerbel Kube, Guenther Gehrau and Petra Jaeschke, Frank Nutt, Norbert Frense and Frank Gaida.

Oct 26, 2008
Scott E. Martin and Michael W. Hayes of Belleville, who are working for the Boeing Corporation of St. Louis and also participating in the project "Direct Manufacturing Research Center' along with Paderborn University were welcomed by Dr Otmar Allendorf .

Feb 11,2009
Special "Happy Hour" at the Weinkrueger to welcome John and Doris Roach

Jan 14, 2009
US Consul General Matt Boyse, Duesseldorf, honored representatives from 23 Sister City Partnerships, 16 German-American organizations, and 9 individuals involved in the bilateral relationship from across North-Rhine Westphalia. The event was an occasion to present "Certificates of Appreciation" signed by former Ambassador Timken and the Consul General.
Dr Otmar Allendorf, secretary of DAFK, had travelled to Duesseldorf to receive the document for DAFK, also a recognition of the activities of Belleville Sister Cities.

Jul 3 - July 17, 2009
20th anniversary of the youth exchange between Belleville and Paderborn 12 youths from Paderborn visiting Belleville.
Chaperones: Norman Hansmeyer, Eva Reike and Andrea Hermes.

July 1- July 31, 2009
Jonathan Crawford and Amanda Reichling ( hosted 90 day students in 2008) are visiting Paderborn on High School exchange.

Aug 15- Nov 7, 2009
Paderborn students Philipp Dueker, Laureen Gertzen, Amelie Kroeger, Michael Wilmsmann and Lukas Zimmermann on 90 day HS exchange with Belleville East and West.

as of June 27th, 2009

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